How to write a poem for Couplets Corner

C 20th June 2014

Dylan Thomas would have been 100 years old this year, and we just had to do something fun to celebrate in his honour! He is a legend, literally (or literarily in this case), after all. We came up with Couplets Corner. It’s a page on our website that showcases all of the brilliant rhyming couplets that we’re being sent. You can get involved by tweeting your couplets via Twitter or reciting them in a video using Instagram – just make sure you include the #CoupletsCorner hashtag.


What is a rhyming couplet?

Loosely speaking, a rhyming couplet is two lines of poetry where the last word of each line rhymes. For example:

I love to wake up with a view of the bay
It always brings a great start to the day

Other than this, there are no rules (but please keep them clean). Our Couplets Corner is open to everyone – the more people taking part in this collaboration, the better!


How to write a poem for Couplets Corner

To do a better job of explaining how you can get involved, we thought we would put together an infographic that shows how to write a poem for Couplets Corner in 4 easy steps.

How to write a poem for Couplets Corner infographic

We’ve found that writing your rhyming couplet down first really works well. So pop your creative cap on and when your carefully crafted couplet is ready, you have three options.

  1. Tweet it.
  2. Post a video of you reciting it to Instagram.
  3. Be a star and do both of the above!

Don’t forget! Remember to include #CoupletsCorner when you post your couplet to either Twitter or Instagram.

If you’ve never been to Swansea, Mumbles or Gower before – don’t worry! You can still join in the fun. You might just have to take a concept that’s a little more abstract, maybe one of these?

  • Sunshine
  • The stillness of night
  • Taking a walk
  • Riding a bike
  • The sea
  • Fresh air
  • Good food
  • Spending time with friends and family

Still struggling for inspiration? Why not check out what’s already been submitted on the Couplets Corner page – this is where yours will appear too. We’re hoping to edit any videos we’re sent into a full poem – made up of lots of rhyming couplets.


Why Couplets Corner?

There’s inspiration in the landscape throughout Swansea, Mumbles and Gower. It’s where Dylan Thomas was born and wrote two thirds of his work. Dylan left more than just a legacy in Swansea Bay. He left a lasting impression, a cultural vibrancy and a number of good reasons for the city to celebrate his centenary throughout 2014. Not least, the way he illustrated a number of the area’s sights and sounds – immortalising them with his words. It’s brilliant that the landscapes within a stone’s throw of the city inspired one of the twentieth century’s greatest poets. It does seem to leave an impression on most people who see it for themselves. Taking part in Couplets Corner is a way of giving something back to Dylan. It’s a way of saying thanks and a great way to make a contribution to the celebrations. So what are you waiting for? Pick a view, pick a memory or even pick a sentiment and put pen to paper. After you’ve finished your couplet, we’d love to hear you recite it on a video clip. Get creative with your video. Think about what imagery would accompany the magical words you’ve created, or even opt for the tried-and-tested selfie before posting it to Instagram (again – don’t forget #CoupletsCorner)!

For more information about Dylan Thomas’ Centenary and events, check out www.dylanthomas.com