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Get To Grips With National Friendship Day

C 3rd August 2014

National Friendship Day

To celebrate National Friendship Day (Sunday 3rd August 2014) we caught up with Indoor Climbing Centre Dynamic Rock for some tips and pointers on getting started. Round up a group of friends for great fun- and don’t worry, there’s a crash mat to cushion your falls!


Some Tips From The Experts…

New to climbing? No problem.

Climbing has become much more accessible over the last few years, with many indoor centres popping up all over the country and many qualified instructors who are able to show you the ropes (pun intended)! Climbing used to be the sport reserved for daredevils, now it can be practiced safely by almost anyone provided you have professional instruction.

At Dynamic Rock, we’ve been doing exactly that for the last 8 years as Swansea’s only dedicated indoor climbing centre.

The best and safest way to get into climbing is to go with someone who knows what they’re doing. This should be a professional instructor. You can then enjoy scaling the climbing walls whilst being confident you’re nice and safe. All you have to worry about is getting to the top, and then maybe deciding which cake to have at the end!

On a Taster Session at Dynamic Rock our qualified and experienced staff will be with you every step of the way as they guide you up to the top of our climbing walls.


Get To Grips With National Friendship Day


What has really seen a huge rise in popularity recently is Bouldering. This is climbing without ropes or harnesses- instead a big crash mat is used to cushion your falls! You don’t go as high either, a maximum of 4m. What’s great about Bouldering is how easy it is to have a go. There’s minimal equipment, and no knots or rope techniques to learn. Again, there are many dedicated bouldering centres all across the country.

Here at Dynamic Rock we have a Bouldering area that covers all sorts of angles and features! One of our instructors can run you and your friends through a short induction. After the induction you can go Bouldering at Dynamic Rock without the need for an instructor.


Get To Grips With National Friendship Day


If you’re going to pay a visit to the Swansea Bay area, then surely top of the list is getting outside and enjoying the Bay and The Gower and all there is to offer. Instead of just taking a walk down to Three Cliffs, you could be climbing to the top of it! There is a bit more involved in climbing outside but as long as you have professional instruction you can get out and enjoy The Gower from a different perspective.

With climbing being so much more accessible than ever, take advantage of what there is around the Swansea Bay area!

To book a taster climbing session with Dynamic Rock– 

Telephone: 01792 845655
Email: info@dynamicrock.co.uk
or visit: www.dynamicrock.co.uk


Competition time!

Win a free rock climbing experience for four!

We’ve teamed up with Dynamic Rock who want to know where your ultimate climbing experience would be and why? Leave a comment below for your chance to win or enter on Facebook (Terms & Conditions).