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Midsummer Dreaming

C 18th July 2018

Early evening in the middle of July.

The sun hung over Swansea Bay full of that midsummer promise that winter days were far, far away.

The grass banks of the grounds glowed emerald, almost smiling back at the glittering wink of the sea. Oystermouth Castle princely perched atop, crowning the village of Mumbles.

Stage set in the footsteps of history, get set to transport into a different type of story – magic and mayhem, singing and dancing, fantasy and the fantastical.

Freshly baked panini teased and tickled the palate, light laughter lifted by liquid effervescence, cradled by chair or bathing on blanket, Shakespeare’s magic, the theatre classic.

Young and old behold the timeless story about to be told!

Set on that most dangerous of nights when fairies are abroad and nothing is as it seems, four young lovers become entangled in their magical affray..soon no mortal is safe in those bewitched and bewitching woods outside Athens.

Tragedy, comedy, music and romance come together in the perfect summer tonic for all the family, fully licensed and catered by sponsors Panini’s. Tickets available now.

Supported by Panini’s