BLOG | November 12, 2020

...From Finding your Escape Route!

Searching for a change of scene from the day to day? The good news is that you’re just three steps away from fresh air, breathtaking views and (possibly) a new you!

Walking is wonderful – for the body and your wellbeing – especially if you can also benefit from some vitamin ‘sea’ while you’re doing it!  And our coastal views, have rolling cliffs, sandy bays and sea to spare…


Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself …


Step One → Plan

Time to put your best foot forward and make a plan. Where would you like to walk? Take a look at our walking pages to help you decide. Choose from the Gower Coast Path (it goes right around the Peninsula!), a walk in the woods, or an energetic ramble across the heart of Gower along a section of the Gower Way.

Alternatively, try a city centre trail or a stroll along Swansea Bay’s Promenade.  This is accessible to wheelchairs – as are some sections of the Gower Coast Path between Bracelet Bay and Caswell Bay.

Next choose from our range of cosy accommodation and tasty restaurants to complete your escape.  Or if you want to have a day in the city or try an activity in between walks then you can plan that too.  The majority of our businesses have ‘We’re Good to Go’ accreditation, which means that they have the necessary hygiene and distancing protocols in place to help keep us all safe.

Where to walk?   Where to stay?  Eating out  Other activities and things to do

Step Two → Book

These are unusual times and we want to ensure that you won’t be disappointed. So please book your accommodation before you arrive. Our cafes and restaurants are serving our finest local goodies, but because of social distancing booking your table before you arrive is especially important.  Keep up to date with the regulations for eating out HERE, so you’re prepared before you visit.

Attractions and activities are also operating a booking system, so whatever you plan to do, book it first – it’s less to do when you get here – so you can just relax and enjoy the scenery!

Where to stay?  Eating out  Other activities and things to do

Step Three → Travel

That’s it! You’re a step away from walking your socks off in gorgeous Gower!

One last thing – don’t forget your boots, camera and hand sanitiser – and your face mask as you’ll need it on public transport as well as indoor public places, like shops and public toilets. Under 11s and people with health conditions are exempt. Here’s a LINK to the regulation FAQs in case you need to check the rules before travelling.

Ready? Get in the car and drive – we’re not far and are looking forward to welcoming you soon.

Your Autumn Walking Adventure starts here – step by step…

Plan → Book → Travel


Visit Swansea Bay. Responsibly.