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29 February - 3 March
Image Credit: West Glamorgan Archive Service

The Three Nights’ Blitz was the heavy and prolonged bombing of Swansea by the German Luftwaffe during the Second World War.

The bombing took place on the 19, 20 and 21 February 1941 and sadly a total of 230 people were killed and 397 were injured. 11,000 buildings and 850 properties were also damaged in the bombardment.

This year marks the 80th anniversary of The Three Nights Blitz and we are commemorating this by sharing stories, photographs and talks from our Cultural Services venues.

Swansea Libraries

Swansea Libraries ‘Three Nights’ Blitz’ digital display will portray the events of 19-21 February 1941 through their collections. Local history books, aerial photographs, their unique SWEP articles collection and genealogy sources will retell the heroic personal stories of the attacks.

The library service will also explore the incredible story of the aftermath of the Blitz, as seen in newspaper articles and shop adverts of the time.  To show how, like now, our antecedents struggled to face and normalise the abnormal.

Image Credit: West Glamorgan Archive Service

Swansea Libraries Three Nights Blitz from Swansea Libraries on Vimeo.

The display will show you how you could discover more about the Three Nights Blitz through the Swansea Libraries service. You could also research your own ancestors or find out whether your street was part of the bombing.

For full details have a look at their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Dylan Thomas Centre

Dylan Thomas wrote movingly about the Three Nights Blitz of Swansea in his radio play, ‘Return Journey’.

The Dylan Thomas Centre will be commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Blitz this February with blogs and activities taking ‘Return Journey’ and other unique perspectives as their starting point. Look out for a ‘write your own’ ‘Return Journey’ activity, a ‘Return Journey’ story map, and an opportunity to create your very own pop up of some of Swansea’s cultural landmarks.

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Image Credit: West Glamorgan Archive Service

Image Credit: West Glamorgan Archive Service


West Glamorgan Archives Service

For the first time, the Civilian War Dead volume has been digitalised to include an indexed list of all those civilians that lost their lives due to enemy action, 1939-1945.  There are pages showing where the people were buried and potted histories of some of the people that died. Find out more about the Civilian War Dead Memorial here.

A short film which narrates the diary of James R John a member of the Home Guard during the TNB will be shown as well as a short film, showcasing the images of the events from the Archives collections

Dr John Alban will be presenting an online talk on Swansea’s Three Nights’ Blitz, on Friday 19 February at 7pm via Teams.  The Three Nights’ Blitz by Dr John Alban is available to buy from the online shop.

During  the three nights (19-21 Feb) the Archives Service will also be posting live time tweets/facebook to correspond with the actual events using various documents from the collections including diaries, school log books, Auxiliary Fire Service record of calls, photographs and newspaper articles.

There is a host of information on their Learning page too!

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Image Credit: West Glamorgan Archive Service

Swansea Museum

Swansea Museum will be sharing rarely seen images of the destruction of the town centre from a recently discovered album.
They will also be marking the occasion by sharing the stories behind some of the fascinating objects in their collection related to Swansea’s experience during the blitz. Follow along on Facebook and Twitter.

Swansea Museum in collaboration with Swansea Fusion have also produced a video which looks at life in Swansea before, during and after the Three Nights’ blitz.

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery

The gallery will provide an online gallery display by the works of local artist Will Evans who captured the devastating scenes of the Three Night’s Blitz through a series of paintings. These are part of the City and County of Swansea: Glynn Vivian Art Gallery collection. Visit their online gallery to find out more.

Image Credit:  ‘Entrance to Swansea Market 1941‘ by Will Evans. © Anne Sandifer and Jennifer Cockle. City and County of Swansea: Glynn Vivan Art Gallery Collection

All images on this page – credit: West Glamorgan Archive Service