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Image credit: Sophy Rickett, Margam Mountain, 2019

This solo exhibition by Sophy Rickett combines photography and text and inspired by the life and work of Thereza Dillwyn Llewelyn, a Swansea artist and astronomer active at the end of the 19th century. The project, which has evolved over a number of years, documents Rickett’s journey as she moves towards a closer understanding of this remote world of Victorian privilege, with its close connections to the early history of photography.

For her installation at Glynn Vivian, photographs and text from Cupid and the Curious Moaning of Kenfig Burrows are combined with works Rickett has selected from the Glynn Vivian’s own collection.

27 Sep 2019 - 26 Jan 2020
Glynn Vivian Art Gallery
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27 Sep - 26 Jan

Exhibition: Sophy Rickett, ‘Cupid and the Curious Moaning of Kenfig Burrows’

20:19pm - 20:20pm