Swansea International Jazz Festival 2023
15 - 19 June

Swansea has undergone many changes throughout its history, and the 20th Century saw some of the most significant of those changes. Plans for modernisation began with the ‘Homes for Heroes’ programme and the building of the Guildhall. Then the devastation caused by the Blitz during WWII meant that rebuilding the centre became necessary, and not just desirable.

‘Twentieth Century Swansea’ is inspired by rarely seen photographic archives from people who recorded the change from troubled town to hopeful city. The museum has opened up its collection of artefacts and ephemera to be displayed alongside these testaments of change. It is a story that can never be completely covered, but we hope it can provide a fascinating little glimpse into that ‘nest of singing birds.’

01 Apr - 30 Jun
Swansea Museum