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*2023 event information coming soon*

Heading down to cheer on friends, family and competitors Ironman 70.3 Swansea? If you’re wondering where the best place is to see all the action, check out our guide below!

This page will be updated closer to the 2023 event.

The Courses


The 1.2-mile, one-loop swim begins at the Prince of Wales Dock and bends back on itself before athletes swim around the outside and exit where they started. Supporters will be able to line the majority of the swim course to cheer their athletes on.


The IRONMAN 70.3 Swansea bike course sets off from East Burrows Car Park, long Cambrian Place and on to the A4067. This road will take athletes along the curve of Swansea Bay, past Mumbles Beach and the Pier, before athletes turn back right on themselves and into the Gower. The scenic route weaves along the country roads and through pretty villages, passing spectators hot spots and three aid stations at mile 18, 31 and 51 on it’s way. The route then takes the B4436 back onto the

A4067, along the bay, into the city and back into East Burrows Car Park where Transition will be.


From Transition, the run course is a simple out and back twice along the beautiful Swansea Bay.

Athletes will pass two spectator hotspots, the Tri Club Village, three aid stations and Red Bull, before taking on the last lap. The only change on the second lap is that athletes will continue along Oystermouth Road and into Museum Gardens, where they will run down the red carpet and complete IRONMAN 70.3 Swansea.


A number of  car parks are available throughout the city – you can find more information and locations online here. When planning your trip, please be aware of the planned road closures that will be in place, and that traffic and the city centre will be busy on the day!

Spectator hotspots

The Woodman Pub (Mumbles Hotspot)

There will be support at the 3.2 mile point on the outward leg and 52 mile point on the return leg of the bike, which sits on Swansea Bay, closer to Mumbles. If you want to stay close to the centre, this will be the last chance to wish your athletes well before they head into the Gower and the first chance you’ll get to cheer them on once they return.

Access: Getting to The Woodman Pub is fairly straight forward – the closest you’ll be able to get to is Sketty Lane where you can park and then walk the 20 minutes around the Bay to the pub. During your walk to The Woodman, you’ll firstly come across the Red Bull Activation where athletes will be stopping to grab a can. If you continue your walk down the Bay, you’ll be to take in both the bike course and run course so The Woodman pub and your journey there is a prime spectator viewing spot.

The Britannia Inn, Llanmadoc

If you’re in the Gower already, the next hotspot will be at mile 23 in Llanmadoc. Athletes will only pass this location once but it’s a great opportunity to head down to Llangennith and Rhossili Bay whilst you’re waiting for them to come past.

Access: Access to the The Britannia Inn is a little more difficult but will give you beautiful views of the Gower – especially being so close to Worms Head and Llangennith beach. To get here, you’ll need to travel and park in Llanrhidian where you’ll have a leisurely 45 minute walk to this spectator hotspot. This part of the course sees some technical descents and is the furthest away the athletes will be from Swansea and the rest of the action so a great opportunity to support them when they’ll be digging deep for the journey home.

King Arthur Hotel  (Reynoldston Hotspot)

Mile 40 sees the King Arthur Hotel which sits in the Middle of the Gower. This is in the last third of the bike course where athletes will be pushing themselves hard to get back to transition so the perfect place to be cheering athletes on.

Access: King Arthur Hotel in Reynoldston requires an early morning as you’ll need to get here before 7am when the road closures will come in to place. Athletes will pass through Reynoldston once but being in the middle of the Gower, you are in walking distance to other areas of the course so you can see your athlete several times on the bike course.

Eastern Farm Shop (Oldwalls Hotspot)

The Eastern Farm Shop in Oldwalls have been a supporter of IRONMAN 70.3 Swansea since the race was announced and athletes will pass them twice – at mile 26 and again at mile 36 – so this is a great spot to watch your athlete. They’ll be serving breakfasts, refreshments and will have a BBQ throughout the day as well as positioning benches roadside for spectators to get the best view of their athletes.

Access: To get here, you’ll either have to have an early morning and beat the road closures before 7am or you can use the B4295 or ‘Marsh Road’, park in Llanrhidian and stroll up the footpath to Oldwalls which is a 20 minute walk.


A great location to give words of encouragement will be at Transition. Once athletes finish the swim, they’ll run over the bridge, which supporters can line, and into the first part of transition. Due to the layout, supporters will be able to stand in the middle of Transition without being in the athletes way so a great chance to see your athlete.

Access: With Transition being in the middle of town and only Oystermouth Road being closed, you will be able to use alternative routes in to the city to park and then view the run course as well as make your way down to Transition. Being at Transition also means you’ll be able to see all  three disciplines.

The Secret Beach Bar and Kitchen Hotspot

This will be a great supporter base for the day and full of entertainment. This location offers the best opportunities for you to see your athlete as they complete both the bike and run course as they’ll pass you on the bike twice and on the run four times, so six times in total! You’ll also get a chance to enjoy the Bay in all its glory.

Access: As Oystermouth Road is closed, you will need to walk from the city, down the Bay which takes around 30 minutes but you’ll be met with a great supporter fan base and the chance to grab something to eat as you watch your athlete pass you six times.

Blackpill Lido / The Tri Club Hotspot

The Blackpill Lido is situated at miles 4.6 and 10.2 on the run and a great space for family entertainment as well as Tri Club comradery. Supporters will be able to cheer their athletes on, on the first and second lap of the run course before they complete IRONMAN 70.3 Swansea for the first time.

Access: Similar to The Woodman Pub, getting to The Blackpill Lido is fairly similar so you could move from The Woodman Pub to The Blackpill Lido in order to see your athlete off the bike and run course. Several Tri Clubs are expected to be in attendance here so a great chance to join in the entertainment and IRONMAN Race Day spirit.