Festive Gift ideas from Swansea Bay
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Are you looking for fresh new ways to spend your time at home during the coronavirus lockdown?

Look no further! Swansea Council’s Cultural Services Team has plenty of ideas to help you keep boredom at bay.

People from libraries, cultural venues, and sport and health, are teaming up to provide you with activities, stories, and resources, all promoted under a new campaign from the council’s Enjoy Swansea Bay team.

Robert Francis-Davies, Cabinet Member for Investment, Regeneration & Tourism, said: “Our libraries and cultural venues have temporarily closed and other services have been temporarily suspended, to help keep people safe and protect the NHS, there’s still lots of resources available to people to enjoy at home.

“The teams across cultural services have come up with some great ideas and activities that individuals and families can enjoy t to exercise their minds and bodies on a daily basis over the next few weeks.

You’ll find everything you need on our website, enjoyswanseabay.com.

To read the full news release go to swansea.gov.uk.