Swansea City of Culture 2021 Bid

Urban and creative, coastal and rural, historic and innovative. A cosmopolitan city centre with British seaside charm. The UK’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, award winning beaches and dramatic rural landscape. Our city is a rich and diverse mix of the very best of British and Welsh ingredients.

With a population of 240,000 people, Swansea is the second largest city in Wales. Set on a sandy 5 mile stretch of beautiful coastline, Swansea City Centre is welcoming and vibrant, with a proud heritage and a progressive, modern outlook.

It is a city that is changing rapidly, with urban regeneration and population growth creating a landscape ripe for investment, innovation, diversity and connectivity. Swansea’s ambition and drive has successfully secured investments for the city, including a new City Deal and, subject to government approval, the world’s first Tidal Lagoon, both of which will create a new digital and innovative cultural infrastructure for Swansea by 2021.

Swansea is an exciting, fascinating and diverse cultural melting pot.

Swansea is Culture

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