Entertaining you while you're doing your bit

While you’re staying #athome and staying safe doing your bit to #ProtectOurNHS, carers and keyworkers…we’re going to continue to try our best to help brighten your timeline and lift your spirits with some activities, photos and video clips from some of the huge events we’ve enjoyed over the past years here in Swansea Bay.

We know these times can be particularity hard for parents trying to keep the little ones entertained and so we’ve designed the following activities for you to download. We’ll be adding to these resources over the coming days and weeks so stay tuned!

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Watch our Enjoy Swansea Bay #AtHome Youtube Playlist

We’ve compiled a playlist of some great video content from all of our Swansea Council teams and venues for you to Enjoy.  Stay tuned as we’ll be adding lots of great new content to this weekly!