Swansea International Jazz Festival 2024
13 - 17 June

The Swansea Bay area is special when it comes to the nature and wildlife on offer, its geographical location covers coast and countryside, within half an hour you can go from swimming in the sea with seaweed tickling your feet to standing on top of a mountain with buzzards and kites circling above you.

Gower was made Britain’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in May 1956. Much of it consists of common land and beaches which provide an undisturbed environment for wildlife and plant life to thrive.

There are rare and beautiful wild flowers, mosses and plants everywhere, and all manner of creatures in woods, wetlands and dunes. We’ve created videos and guides showcasing three areas where you can experience the very best of nature and wildlife. You can also read more about the Countryside Code and the best ways to be sustainable when visiting the area.

Watch wildlife expert and TV presenter Iolo Williams in these specially created videos – three ‘Spring Safaris’, covering Swansea and Mumbles, Gower and Rural Swansea and three ‘Autumn Safaris’ showcasing nature and wildlife in Swansea Bay, north Gower and south Gower.

Iolo at Clyne

Visiting responsibly

To make sure these unspoiled areas stay that way, we ask visitors to respect the area by following the countryside code, taking litter home and not disturbing the wildlife and fauna. We want you to stay safe too, especially near water and livestock.

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