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IRONMAN 70.3 Swansea – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is IRONMAN and why is this seen as a major event?

The IRONMAN Group operates a global portfolio of events that includes the IRONMAN® Triathlon Series and the IRONMAN® 70.3® Triathlon Series along with many others.

The IRONMAN Group is the largest operator of mass participation sports in the world and provides more than a million participants annually the benefits of endurance sports through the company’s vast offerings.

Since the inception of the iconic IRONMAN® brand and its first event in 1978, athletes have proven that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE® by crossing finish lines around the world.

Beginning as a single race, The IRONMAN Group has grown to become a global sensation with hundreds of events across 55+ countries.

The IRONMAN Group is owned by Advance, a private, family-owned business.

Major events such as play a crucial role in making Swansea a great destination to live, visit, work and invest in. Major events are key to our economy, creating a lively and dynamic experience for all. Bringing thousands of visitors to the area and millions of pounds into the local economy

2. Could the event have taken place at a different time of the year?

We accept the timing of the race is not ideal for everyone. However, there are sound reasons for programming the event on August 7. With over 2,000 competitors swimming, cycling and running the course, factors such as the weather (as much as it can be assumed) and water temperatures need to be considered, alongside the calendar of events in the city as well as other IRONMAN events globally. This has been a complex process as many events from 2020 and 2021 have rolled forward and Swansea is also host to several new ones this year, including the first stand-alone World Triathlon Para Series event. For the purposes of logistics, both these races need to be aligned in this first year.

3. Why weren’t business and residents consulted in advance?

Securing events of this nature involves competitive bidding. Working with Welsh Government, we had to present a robust, commercially viable bid to attract the organisers to Swansea. We were limited in how much information could be shared with the public. The organisers expect commercial confidentiality in their negotiations and contracts which we have to honour.

4. I’ve emailed/phoned the contacts suggested and have not yet received a response. When will they get in touch?

As a result of the detailed plans being shared in late June, IRONMAN has received a number of enquiries which are now being addressed. Each enquiry receives an individual response.

Once the initial requests have been processed IRONMAN aims to respond to all new enquiries within three working days.

The phone line is operational Monday-Friday 10am-4pm. An answering service is in place at weekends.

5. Will I still be able to get to/home from work?

IRONMAN, as the organiser of the event, is keen to work with local businesses and residents to do everything possible to accommodate local needs and to build strong, mutually beneficial working relationships.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event and the roads that are being used we can’t guarantee that non-essential access will be maintained throughout.

Like us IRONMAN wish to keep disruption to a minimum, secure goodwill and support locally and to provide a listening ear. To take them up on this commitment, and to discuss any specific access issues, they have provided this email swansea70.3@ironmanroadaccess.com and phone number 03330 11 66 00 so that they can hear first-hand any ideas, issues or otherwise that you wish to share.

6. Why wasn’t the detail announced sooner

IRONMAN is the brand leader in delivering this type of event across the globe. Their vast knowledge and experience in this field has suggested that in order to allow business and residents the opportunity to plan for any potential disruption they that the optimum time to announce this level of detail is around six weeks ahead of the event.

7. Will I be able to attend church?

IRONMAN has a team of chaplains working with local churches to ensure as many of their churchgoers as possible are still able to attend their regular place of worship.

8. What about the emergency services?

Swansea Council’s Safety Advisory Group, which includes representatives from the Police, Fire and Ambulance services has been engaged in the planning for this event.

Access for emergency services (including first responders such as the RNLI) will be maintained at all times.

9. Will carers/NHS still be able to work?

IRONMAN will work on a case-by-case basis as they need to ensure that the roads are safe for cyclists and anyone travelling on the road closures. They work specifically with care companies/NHS to ensure that their access is maintained.

IRONMAN will be sending out specific business and carer communications via the Council with more detailed information on access and encourage anyone affected by the road closures to get in touch via phone on 03330 11 66 00 or via email at swansea70.3@ironmanroadaccess.com.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event and the roads that are being used we can’t guarantee that non-essential access will be possible at all times.

10. What about the impact on my business?

We hope we can offer some assurances about the impact by knowing that IRONMAN is very much a family event. It generally sees competitors travelling with friends and families to create a summer holiday experience, extending their stay both before and after the event. Others choose to visit the area in advance of the event to recce and test the course. In terms of the impact on tourism regionally, it’s anticipated that many competitors in our 70.3 event, will take the opportunity to warm up for the full IRONMAN in Tenby later this year, building a stronger knowledge of the area overall for future tourism prospects and repeat visits.

Our colleagues tell us that Tenby IRONMAN faced many of the same challenges as Swansea in its first year; evidence suggests that the race is now welcomed by the majority of residents and businesses.

We’re pleased to see that a number of businesses have already linked in with the organisers and trade in other locations. Having learned more about the benefits, they’re actively supporting and sharing positive thoughts about how to harness the opportunity and promote their products to the competitors and attendees.

11. What benefits does this event bring to the destination?

We know that events like this contribute considerably to the prosperity of an area. Whilst we’re still to see what this means for us, we have evidence from our own experience and from others areas that have hosted IRONMAN and we’re confident that the positives will overwhelmingly outweigh the negatives. For example, IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire undertook an economic impact survey following their event in 2019; this concluded that the local economy received a boost of just under £2m as a result of their race. At least 70% of the athletes stayed in a hotel, campsite, rented an apartment or with a friend, visiting the local food and drink providers. Whilst a substantial return, this figure only represents the direct impact resulting from the actual event and doesn’t include the PR and media value of hosting this international event as well as the repeat visits that it is likely to generate thereafter.

IRONMAN, as the organiser of the Swansea event, is keen to work with local businesses to do everything possible to accommodate needs and to build strong, mutually beneficial working relationships. Like us, they wish to keep disruption to a minimum, secure goodwill and support locally and to provide a listening ear. To take them up on this commitment, and to discuss any specific access issues, they have provided this email
swansea70.3@ironmanroadaccess.com or phone 03330 11 66 00 so that they can hear first-hand any ideas, issues or otherwise that you can share.

12. Why are there road closures?

IRONMAN is a race and implements road closures for the safety of the athletes and anyone around the route.

13. When will the roads be open?

IRONMAN always work towards re-opening the roads as early as possible behind the last rider so may be open earlier than advertised.

14. What are the yellow routes on the road closure map?

Yellow routes are unaffected by the road closures and are open all day.

15. There are a lot of potholes, will the roads be fixed?

IRONMAN are working with the council to repair unsafe sections of the route before the event. Anything that can’t be repaired will be highlighted with orange spray.

16. Can I walk across the route?

Yes pedestrians can cross the route at anytime when safe to do so. Please be aware the bikes may be travelling faster than you think so please cross when there is a good gap.

17. Can I cycle or ride my horse on the road closures?

Unfortunately not, the road closures also extend to non-event cyclists and horse riding not just vehicles.

18. Can I speak to someone about access during the road closures?

Please email swansea70.3@ironmanroadaccess.com or call 03330 11 66 00 and leave a voicemail if the phone line is busy and someone will call you back.

19. Do you offer compensation for businesses around the route?

Unfortunately, IRONMAN don’t reimburse businesses affected by the road closures. If you would like to chat to someone about being a spectator hotspot or if you can do anything to appeal to the athletes during their training rides please email swansea70.3@ironmanroadaccess.com

20. I am a business, how can I get involved in the event?

Please email swansea70.3@ironmanroadaccess.com to chat through how you can get involved in the event.


A number of  car parks are available throughout the city – you can find more information and locations online here. When planning your trip, please be aware of the planned road closures that will be in place, and that traffic and the city centre will be busy on the day!