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Top 5 Things to Do in Mumbles!

C 6th July 2015


With its exclusive boutiques, an array of delicious dining options, and stunning coastal views, Mumbles is a charming village which continues to captivate visitors and locals alike. Surrounded by centuries of tradition and history, Mumbles is the perfect haven for anyone seeking to experience a unique piece of Welsh heritage.

Making the most of this summer weather and the stunning natural beauty that surrounds Mumbles, I decided to visit and re-experience the enchanting array of attractions and activities that Mumbles has to offer.

After the excitement of planning my fun filled day in Mumbles, my friend Laura and I decided to catch a bus from the Quadrant in the city centre straight to Mumbles; it was a very quick and convenient way of getting around and I would definitely recommend the journey to visitors who want their very own memorable Mumbles trip!

The bus journey provided us with some wonderful views of Swansea Bay, making us even more excited to spend some time in such a quirky and idyllic spot.




1. Oystermouth Castle

Famed for its majestic and romantic nature, Oystermouth Castle sits beautifully on the top of the hill, overlooking this picturesque part of Mumbles. With its historic personality, this Norman castle exceeded all of my expectations. Built in the 12th Century, it was occupied by the Braose family who rebuilt the originally wooden castle using stone; kindly leaving us with a fascinating piece of this country’s heritage.

As Laura and I walked up the hill to finally see this ancient treasure, we were not alone in our excitement for what was to follow. There were plenty of visitors taking pictures and admiring the castle from up close and afar.




“There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds”, said Gilbert K. Chesterton, and the same could be said of Oystermouth Castle. It really was like a castle in the sky.



Walking through the different sectors of the castle was both informative and fascinating. Using the map which we were given at reception, we were able to follow the various secret passages and learn what each part of the castle was used for. It was impossible not to imagine the many medieval banquets and jousting tournaments that occurred in this very castle, centuries ago.

With the castle hosting many special events this summer (many of them for children), I thoroughly recommend taking a thrilling tour of this remarkable monument!


2. Lovespoon Gallery

Not only is Mumbles home to the astonishing Oystermouth Castle, it is also where the Lovespoon Gallery is based. Since 1987, the gallery has hand carved exquisite Welsh love- spoons; offering hundreds of designs from many individual carvers.

A Lovespoon is a traditional wooden spoon which was carved and presented as a gift of romantic intent. The spoon, usually decorated and carved with symbols of love was aimed to reflect the skill of the carver.

As Laura and I stepped inside the gallery, we were transported back to the 17th century. The various different shapes and sizes of the spoons demonstrated the sheer skill and creativity of the carver. We were completely mind blown. There were spoons with dragons, hearts and even a harp!

The gallery provided us with the most glorious introduction to the history of the Welsh lovespoon!




3. Langland Bay Beach

After taking in some of Wales’ 17th century history at the Lovespoon Gallery, we decided to head down to the breath -taking Langland Bay. We got back on the bus (from Newton Road) and commenced our journey to this hidden beauty.

As soon as we got off the bus we could almost taste the salty sea air.

The mesmerising turquoise water and the luscious green coastline is definitely my favourite sight in Swansea.



The sand was golden, the sky was a perfect hue of blue, and the sea created what seemed like perfect soft waves. There is no surprise that people travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to see Swansea’s beautiful beaches; they are truly breath taking. Its fleeting natural beauty definitely had me planning my next trip to Langland Bay!

After admiring the view before us (and a quick dip in the sea) we were feeling refreshed and ready to explore more of Mumbles’ acclaimed spots. We hopped back onto the bus and set off to Verdi’s to enjoy some famous authentic Italian flavours and some coffee!


4. Verdi’s

Famed for its ‘authentic Italian flavour and quality’, Verdi’s is a popular café which offers anything from award winning Fresh Italian Ice Cream, to delicious homemade pizza and pasta dishes; leaving you both satisfied and drooling for more!

Laura and I ordered some coffee which we enjoyed as we sat outdoors appreciating the stunning panoramic views which surrounded us.

Verdi’s was the perfect spot for a rest in the sparkling sunshine.

A little trip to Verdi’s was all we needed before we headed back to Mumbles to do a bit of afternoon shopping in the classy boutiques!







5. Shopping

Swansea is not just sea and sand. A quick trip to the busy centre of Mumbles town and you’re guaranteed to spot some unique souvenirs which you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Laura and I started on Newton Road and popped into several of the shops and galleries.



After shopping we were quite tired and decided it was time to head back into town. Laura and I thoroughly enjoyed re-experiencing the fantastic attractions and atmosphere that Mumbles has to offer.

Altogether I would absolutely recommend a visit to Mumbles! With so many things to offer, this village really has something special, whether you fancy shopping, sightseeing or just sipping a cappuccino in the sunshine.

With the coastal views reminding you that you’re surrounded by constant beauty; Mumbles is definitely a must if you are searching for an unforgettable experience!