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The Legend of Arthur's Stone

C 1st June 2017

Have you been to see King Arthur: Legend of the Sword? Forget a Beckham cameo, we have our own King Arthur (rock) star in Swansea Bay – Arthur’s Stone.

One of Wales’ most famous prehistoric monuments, the 25-ton capstone sits majestically on top of Cefyn Bryn Common. How did it get there? Legend has it that while travelling in Carmarthenshire, King Arthur removed a stone from his shoe and threw it across the Loughor Estuary. By the time it reached its final resting point at Cefn Bryn (and who can blame it for stopping in Swansea Bay), the stone had become an enormous boulder.

A visit to the stone will not only allow you to see this incredible Welsh legend from close quarters (as King Henry VII’s troops did after taking a special 128km detour on their way from Milford Haven to the Battle of Bosworth), you will also find yourself at the site of a Neolithic tomb dating back to 2500 B.C. It was one of the first sites to be protected under the Ancient Monuments Act of 1882. So whether you are interested in history, you enjoyed the King Arthur film, or you simply fancy enjoying one of our scenic walks along Cefn Bryn, we highly recommend a visit.
Discover Arthur’s Stone on the Tombstone Trail Walking Route.

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